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Speaking Events
Inspiring Future Scientists with Interactive Educational Presentations 

Motivational & Author Speaking Events

Linda's motivational and author speaking events are an unforgettable science adventure designed for children ages 5 through 12, and events are appropriate for all audiences.

Events are available for public schools, libraries, and civic groups, and are generally scheduled in 2 to 4 hour increments. A full day option is available for public schools utilizing an encore schedule. Events can be structured with groups rotating through a central location or with Linda visiting specific classrooms or areas. Title I schools receive priority event booking and a donated copy of Linda and the Mysterious Footprints for the school library.


Event hosts have the option to request Linda bring her box turtle, Darwin, and/or a Larva Library viewing tank to the event. In small group settings, hosts can opt to allow children to pet Darwin's shell or hold a Larva Library mealworm during the presentation. Attendees must wash their hands after interacting with Darwin and/or the mealworms. In large group settings, Darwin and the mealworms are available for viewing only. For additional information or to book a speaking event, please email

Help Us Bring Books
to Schools and Libraries!

Linda's Lab is a nonprofit organization, registered in Virginia as a non-stock corporation, and pending 501(c)(3) approval from the IRS.

Title I public schools are given priority booking of motivational and author speaking events, and a copy of Linda and the Mysterious Footsteps is donated to the library of every Title I school Linda visits. This program is supported through book sales and donations.

Follow the link below to purchase a donation copy for a public school or library, and help us bring science to children everywhere!

Linda Pistun's Speaker Reel

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