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Linda's Lab
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit with two BIG goals:

Improve Science Education

End World Hunger


Linda and the Lab

Linda Pistun is an entrepreneur, writer, and scientist living in Northern Viginia. She shares her laboratory with her Eastern Box Turtle, Darwin. Linda was five years old when she discovered her passion for math and science. She knew she wanted to make a difference in the world, and a tank of mealworms gave her the perfect idea.


Linda opened her nonprofit, Linda's Lab, in 2017, operating  with just two small tanks of mealworms and very big dreams. Her goals included improving science education in public schools and ending the world hunger crisis through mealworm protein.

Improving Science Education

Linda's science outreach programs include her Larva Library and her Author Events. Through the Larva Library, Linda loans mealworm experiment kits to local classrooms. Read more about the Larva Library here: 

Linda's Speaking Events give her the chance to visit local schools and libraries to motivate future scientists or read her book,

Linda and the Mysterious Footprints.

Linda's events teach children fundamental science concepts and inspire them to care for our Earth and each other. Learn more about Linda's Speaking Events here:


Linda hopes to end the world hunger crisis through mealworm protein. After partnering with a local chef to develop a recipe, Linda produced her first batch of healthy, high protein mealworm bars in 2019. Linda's bars are made with mealworm flour sourced directly from her organic mealworm farm, locally sourced honey, and . Linda is now looking for a development partner to make her amazing bars shelf stable for distribution where they are needed most.  

World Hunger

2019: A Dream Becomes a Delicious Reality!

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