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Linda's Eastern Box Turtle


My name is Darwin, and I am an Eastern Box Turtle. I was found on a Virginia roadway in 2018 when I was just a baby. Eastern Box Turtles are facing habitat loss as our woodland homes are replaced with houses, and we are not easy to relocate. I could not safely be left in the wild, so I went home with a kind volunteer. The next day, Linda came and took me home!

Most Eastern Box Turtles love to eat mealworms, and Linda has her own organic mealworm farm. That was one of the reasons the kind volunteer thought Linda's Lab would be the perfect home for me. But I surprised everyone by making friends with the mealworms instead. It turns out I am pescatarian, just like Linda!

IMG_3618 2.jpeg

The Adventures
of Linda and Darwin

Linda and I have all kinds of adventures together. At home I live in a large, comfortable tank with special lights to keep me warm and healthy. When the weather is nice we go outside so I can enjoy the sunshine. I have a special leash made just for turtles, but I don't wear it very often.


Linda and I do lots of science events together. I love to visit schools and museums, and I've even been to Starbucks and Target! I have a comfy carrier when we are traveling, a lot like the one in Linda's book. It has a deep bottom section so I can have a nice layer of my favorite bedding. There's even room for my food and water dishes!

When Linda wrote Linda and the Mysterious Footprints I was so happy I got to be in it. I hope people learn to let our beautiful forests grow, and to keep our oceans and beaches clean. My Eastern Box Turtle family and  friends would really like that! 


Email Linda & Darwin

Darwin and Linda are always looking for new and exciting opportunities in science outreach. Do you have an idea? Send them a message!

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